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I was looking for help desk software to manage our incoming emails and phone calls, but didn’t want to have a complicated system that needed months of training and setup. After searching various products and solutions we came across Acanotion Help Desk, and found a great solution that even our receptionist uses daily with no problems! Fiona P, United States

Thanks to Help Desk Software Australia, our customer focus is now so much better, we log all incoming contact from our clients, and already know what was said to them last time someone spoke to them, because it all comes up when we show their records and history! I don’t know why we took so long to make the decision to implement this type of software. Greg F, Australia

We tried using some of the free help desk software products available and found they worked, but were not reliable and had limited support. When we came across Acanotion Help Desk the first thing we noticed was the superb customer service and ease of use, the interface is such a pleasure to have our staff use! John G, London

With franchises across Australia we needed a better way to manage the product issues we were having in each state. Acanotion Help Desk allowed us to keep track of all issues and categorise them, so we could easily allocate our specialised staff to work on just their category of work. A wonderful and simple solution! Michael, Australia

The budget we had to purchase helpdesk software was limited, but finding the price of software on the internet was hard work. Most of the vendors won’t show their pricing and take you through a long process to get some pricing. Even then it’s hard to understand. But with Help Desk Software Australia, the prices were ready and available on their website, with no hiding, for all to see, I suppose even their competitors…it made it easy for us, and we appreciated their open pricing policy and purchased Acanotion Help Desk the next day. Emanuel, South Africa

How friendly can one be! The follow up and kind service offered by your team is amazing, and far better than any other company we have been dealing with, thank you! Trish, United States

So many products tried to sell us on the need to have template driven forms and so many screens with so many options, arggh. All we wanted to do was keep track of our correspondence and be in control of our customers, we do that quite well with Acanotion, thanks guys! Peter, Canada

"As usual, thank you for your quick response. Hope everything is going well for you in this new year. We love the ACANOTION Help Desk product. It has really made a positive impact on our ability to support our growing user base." - Regards, Bill

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how excited I am in using your product. I have just submitted several articles to my growing Knowledge Base and am thrilled at the ease of use of it. ACANOTION Help Desk has greatly improved my efficiency and has proven a valuable reporting tool for my supervisor as well.  He can now see what I am filling my days with and it also allows me the freedom to schedule my day and follow-up on issues.  All I have to do is periodically check on the status of my support calls and respond to each one as I see appropriate.  The email feature is a super-bonus as well. The users who place the support calls to me now get an official email notifying them of their call and, when I choose, I can opt to copy them on any updates to my troubleshooting with literally the click of a checkbox.  Of course, they all get an email from ACANOTION Help Desk when the issue is resolved!

I have already heard from some of the executives here, upon getting their first email regarding their own support call, about how official the email reads and to them it feels like a real process is taking place, rather than just some IT guy blazing in and out of their offices, or them having to track the IT guy down to get resolution.

All in all, great product and great service. Thanks for everything."

Dave Beltran
Inogen, Inc.


Being the IT manager for Westover Group in the UK. I was looking for a call logging software to list various requests from our 10 dealers. We are getting around 30 calls a day.

I tried various programmes available from the internet and came across ACANOTION.

What attracted me to ACANOTION was how simple the layout was without having complicated looking screens. This made it a very simple task of training my staff and being able to try it straight away.

We have been using ACANOTION for about a year now and it has been a life saver. Very easy to use and keeps myself, my staff and clients informed all the time. There are some amazing additions to just a call logging software like automatic emailing clients when opening and closing jobs, a fixed asset register and a useful knowledge base.

The stability and reliability of the software has been excellent we have had no systems problems at all over the last year. The response from the help desk when required with regards to usage has been very prompt and helpful.

I would defiantly recommend ACANOTION help desk software to anybody looking to control requests from external software as well as managing there own jobs and projects.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me it@westovergroup.co.uk

Marc Guillaume
Group IT Manager
Westover Group

It's so easy to install and use! The screens are clear and easy to follow. We really know what's happening with our customers now. Thank you for your friendly service." - Allan

"Thanks once more for the excellent customer service you have provided which is unmatched by any I've seen thus far." - Yvonne

"I wanted to tell you that I love your software. ACANOTION Help Desk. I was lucky to find it. I was literally testing dozens and dozens of Help Desk software last night in the hope that I would find something decent for my new business; something that did exactly what I wanted it to do, and nothing of what I didn't want it to do. Most other softwares that I looked at got too little features, are ugly looking, or have too many useless features, and still ugly looking and unstable." - Louie

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