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How does the licensing agreement work?

ACANOTION Help Desk is based on the number of concurrent users connected and using the system at the one time. For example, if you have 5 support staff that will be logged into the system and need to use it at the same time you would require a 5 User pack.

Can I test the trial version of ACANOTION Help Desk with multiple users?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to test the software as you would be using it in a live environment. We think that's only fair.

You will be pleased to know that you can fully test the multi-user ability with the evaluation version that you have. All you need to do is make sure each desktop PC is pointing to the same database on a shared file location or server. Please follow these instructions and let our sales team know if you have any questions.

  • First install the software onto each desktop.
  • Choose DATA SOURCE or ODBC settings
  • Select the 2nd TAB called SYSTEM DSN
  • Choose the SELECT button.
  • On the bottom right of this new screen you will see a drive drop down menu. Select the mapped drive to the network share location.

Then run the ACANOTION application from this desktop and it will work against this database you have chosen. You need to do this for each desktop client. You can add new staff members to allow them individual login IDs.

I am wondering if we start using the demo version and then receive the paid version if we can still use the demo database?

Yes.  As you are trialling the software, any data you store can be kept and continued with the registered version of the software.  You will not loose any data when purchasing.

What database do you use and why?

The database used as the backend to your system is a Microsoft® Access database.  This database is well suited to the software and its purpose and allows you to easily create backups, install it easily and require little if any support from your infrastructure provider.  This makes installation, setup and maintenance easy and efficient.  The connections to and from the database are developed in a professional manner that provides a very stable base to build your client and job history.  We considered using Microsoft SQL server as the database, although after much research it was easy to see that the Access database would be very stable, suitable and efficient for its purpose.

I am a software developer and I am looking for a "support software package that I can use for technical support of the people that purchase my software. Ideally, I want to record incidents, solutions to incidents that is searchable. We are a small company with 2 support techs and approximately 10 customers to date. Expected growth is about 25 customers per anum. I am sure that your software can do many things but can it do what I have asked?

Our software is easy to install and will allow you to log your support requests and track a range of items for development, you can create categories for you jobs, so that you can store wish list categories or whatever you choose. There is an asset area to the product also. You can download our software and trial it in your organisation to see how much you like it first.  You can also build up a knowledge base of known and identified issues so you can search for issues with answers readily available.

Do you have any web based interface or web based ability for your product?

Currently ACANOTION Help Desk is a Windows desktop application. The application is designed to be used by internal admin staff.  We also have additional add-on products, such as the Client Web Interface, which can be used to allow your clients to log requests directly to your Acanotion Help Desk system.  We are also looking at developing additional web interfaces for the future.

Error 42 Messsage

If you receive this error, just Right Click on the Acanotion exe file and choose Run As Administrator, and this will fix this problem for you on Windows 7 PCs.

The message could not be sent to the SMTP server.  The server response was not available.  Error number -2147220975.

If you have the automatic email function enabled in the ACANOTION software, and you receive the above error message, this indicates that you may have an issue with your own network settings or third party ISP network settings.  You should first check that your username and password are the correct ones that will authenticate to your chosen mail server.  If you use an external mail server, such as your ISP, then make sure you use the given username for that ISP account, rather than an internal username.  You may also wish to change the timeout setting in Email Administration to more than 10 seconds, such as 100. 

Receive error -2147467259 (8004005) Unknown, File already in use, or similar when trying to access your central database.

If you receive this error message, we suggest you check:

  1. That you have appropriate permissions for all users to the folder where the database resides;
  2. Make sure the server or location of the database has plenty of disk space available.  Limited disk space may cause this error.
  3. Log all users out of the system and Compact and Repair the database.

How to place an order for ACANOTION Help Desk?

Payment Options:

Currently there are 2 available options for payment.

  • Option 1 - Cheque or Money Order.
    Send your company or bank cheque or money order with your completed purchase order and ACANOTION Help Desk order form.
  • Option 2 - Direct Bank Deposit into Help Desk Software Australia bank account.
    You can choose to do a direct bank deposit or electronic transfer for payment into our bank account. For this option, please contact our sales team for our banking details.

Do you offer educational discounts?

Yes. We are pleased to offer assistance to registered educational institutions. Please send us your requirements and we will provide you with a quotation.

Where can I find pricing information for ACANOTION Help Desk?

Our sales team can provide a quotation via email matching your business requirements. For a summary of available pricing, you can browse our purchasing page.

Which payment method is best?

Paying by direct bank transfer, or sometimes known as inwards transfer is the most effecient payment method.  We say this because the payment arrives within a day in most cases and registration codes can be issued once payment is received.  Its easy to track and gives you the confidence of a complete transaction within a short time frame.  As soon as the payment is received we will notify you via email to confirm its arrival.  Payment via cheque is also suitable, although sometimes this can be delayed due to postal timeframes.

Need more help?

Need more help or have any further questions not answered here?  If so, please contact us at: support (at) helpdesksoftware.com.au

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