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ACANOTION Help Desk - Screenshots

ACANOTION help desk software is a Microsoft windows desktop software package that allows you to log support calls and jobs for anything ranging from help desks to problem tracking with products and services.

1. Main Work Area

The main work area is comprised of the queue of requests to attend to. A simple and clear interface, easy to learn and easy to use! Most items can be drilled down with a double click of your mouse.

2.Job Queue

The job/request queue - just click on the staff member or type of job request to quickly sort your list. No need to go to a search screen to look up particular requests, it can be all done from this screen - easy!

3.The Job / Request screen

The job details screen allows all users of the system to feel comfortable and at home with the required entry fields. They are all visible on the same screen and you can't make a mistake!

4.Client details

This screen is clear and logical - drill down to add or view company details for your clients.

5.Client History Tab

Click the tabs on the client screen to see address details, and the history for the client, all the requests that have come in. What a way to quickly see how active the client is!

6.Staff Administration and Staff Details screen

Easily add staff and attach them to your company or department by drilling down, just like you do for a client. Getting the picture - consistent friendly interface!

7.Knowledge Management

Why waste time working out the same issues month after month, year after year? Add solutions to the knowledge base and search them for quick answers to persistent problems.

8.Email Options

Create automatic email notifications to clients or staff when jobs are created and assigned. A great way to keep everyone informed of what's going on. You can turn the email options on or off for either clients or staff or both. It's easy to use!

9.Email Configuration

You have 3 choices to match your email environment.


Keep records of your important assets and attach them to the request for keeping track of the history and future reporting of problem assets. Maintain warranty information as well.


Well, if you want to search more than you have been from the main job queue - you can! Just click the search icon on the main workspace and use the filters here to find what you need, by date or other.


We have added some common report types and provided a unique report filter screen, so you can make many combinations of reports quickly and have them displayed into a HTML browser, easily exported to excel or other charting package if you need graphs.

You can also create as many reports as you need to suit your own needs by using any of your existing reporting tools, such as Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports or other.

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